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               West Oxford u3a Membership 2023 - 2024  


To apply for membership or to renew your membership we recommend that you use the online facility in this section.


However, you may prefer to complete a paper membership application form which can be obtained by email or post or will be available at meetings. If you do not have a form please contact the membership secretary below.


This is an online facility to enable you to apply for membership or renew your membership for year 2023 - 2024. The same online form is used for either case. 


There is no facility for payment via this website. Please make your payment in the usual way - by online transfer, cheque or cash.


The membership fee is 15 per person and can be paid in cash, by cheque to West Oxford u3a, or by online transfer to West Oxford u3a, Sort Code 30-19-83 Account number 00101463, quoting your initials and surname as reference. If paying by by post, please send cash or cheque to Liz Jones at Flat 9, 100 West Way, Botley, Oxford, OX2 9JU.


The membership secretary will receive your details and will process your application. Your Membership Card will be available for collection at the Monday meetings. If you wish it to be posted, please send a s.a.e. (6in * 4.5 in) to Liz Jones at the above address.


For online payments which use the new account matching system, West Oxford u3a's bank account is a business account.


We do not offer a joint membership - i.e. a separate application is required for each person. However, a single payment can be made to cover more than one membership, for example husband and wife or partners.

If your fee is being paid by someone else or is part of a single payment for more than one person you should still indicate the payment method.


After you have completed the form you will be directed back to this website where you will be able to make another application if necessary or finish the process.


You may find that the form will auto-complete once you start entering details. Please double check your details before submitting, particularly if you share your computer or email address with someone else, and ensure that you have clicked the Gift Aid box if applicable.


To apply or renew your membership, click here:



                                                                     MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION

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