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There are currently no meetings in the community centre but a series of Zoom meetings have started.

An invitation to join on Zoom will be automatically sent to you unless you wish to opt out, in which case please email ingalillmartin@gmail.com and tell Inga of your decision.

The talks will be twice a month, as always on a Monday at 2.30; this is all free to you as a member, but please let anyone interested know that membership of our U3A for 5 will cover all the talks, whether by Zoom or in person, up to September 2021.

The talks begin at 2.30pm but Inga requests you to join via the link at 2.15pm. This would be very helpful to Inga so thank you in advance. 

For most of us this new initiative of zoom meetings has been a steep learning curve and some of us may not yet be completely confident in its use. Inga is offering to host and run a small learning group ( by zoom of course!) for those members who are apprehensive. Could you email Inga and let her know if you are interested.



11 Jan

Elizabeth Rowe

The Art of World War II.

Elizabeth is an art historian living and working here in Oxford teaching Art History in primary schools. In ‘normal’ times she is a guide at the Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers museums as well as leading guided tours of the city for an Art Appreciation group.

25 Jan

Anthony Poulton-Smith

The Salt Routes.

A freelance journalist and author of 77 books, Anthony is also a very experienced speaker whose subjects range from the origins of towns and villages to animal myths, pub names and even privies. He has been interviewed on the radio and is in demand as a guest speaker.

08 Feb

John Tyler

Reading the Countryside.

Once you learn how to spot the clues, a walk in the countryside can reveal so much more about its wildlife, history and prehistory. There are even signs that will help you to find your way and to forecast the weather.

John Tyler, who has always been fascinated by wildlife, started his career creating and managing urban nature reserves around London. He spent 22 years as warden of the Sevenoaks Reserve in Kent. Now based in Bucks, he gives talks on a wide range of natural history topics, leads guided tours, and helps as a volunteer on some local reserves. He is a keen wildlife photographer.

In this talk, John will help us make the most of our excursions into nature, by sharing with us his wealth of knowledge and passing on many useful tips on how to read the countryside.

22 Feb

Tricia Thompson

Conkers and Skipping Ropes: Childhood in the 30s. 40s. and 50s.

Tricia Thompson, Associate Member of Trinity College of Music, is a frequent speaker at lunchtime events. Her talks are often music-related, but she has a very wide repertoire of other topics. Two years ago Tricia spoke to us about Victorian Medical Quackery, which was very well received, and she has been invited back by popular demand.

This time Tricia will look at a different period - the middle part of the twentieth century - which seems, on one hand, so long in the past, on the other hand, only yesterday. The talk may prompt members of the audience to recall and share their own memories of those golden(?) days.

08 Mar

Annamaria Dall'Anese

Shakespeare’s London.


Our speaker, Annamaria Dall’Anese, a London Blue Badge guide, will give us a virtual journey to London, and back 500 years, for a tour of Shakespeare’s London, discovering the places where the Bard lived and worked, including the Blackfriars Playhouse and the Globe Theatre. We will also get a taste of what it was like to go to the theatre and be living in our capital city in the earlier Elizabethan era.

22 Mar

Yvonne and Nicola

Guide Dogs make a difference.

We are all filled with admiration when we see a trained guide dog working in support of a person with a sight impairment or other disability, helping them to manage life’s daily tasks. In this talk we will be given insights into the life of a guide dog, from puppy to retirement; early socialisation and then the carefully structured training programme to become a qualified guide dog. The speakers, Yvonne as the owner of a brood bitch and Nicola with her own guide dog, are closely involved personally in this work.

12 April

John Butterworth

The hotel with a famous guest list.
Career  journalist for over 44 years, 28 of these as a local newspaper editor, John Butterworth now speaks on a wide range of topics that reflect his experience in this field.
The hotel in question is an historic one in the Midlands which, as a result of a decision in 1779 that brought new jobs and industries to the area, found itself frequented by wealthy and influential guests.

26 April

Philip Caine

Barrow to Baghdad and back again.
Now a published thriller writer, Philip's real life, which forms the substance of his talk, is equally exciting. Since leaving school, he has worked for nearly 50 years in management in the hotel and oil industries, living not only in Britain but also in Africa, The Middle East, Kazakhstan and Russia. This is no travelogue as the title might suggest!

10 May

Carol Mahoney

Walking the Centuries: Oxford by a Blue Badge Guide.
Until Covid hit, Oxford was always full of visitors, many of them with Blue- or Green-Badged Guides introducing them to the city’s glories, history and quirks. If the visitors can look at us,we can look at the visitors.
Carol Mahoney Greatorex lived in Oxford for over 20 years, teaching at St. Barnabas, ultimately as Deputy Head. Following the death of her husband Mike, Mahoney, Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at Mansfield College and her subsequent re-marriage and move to Norfolk, she held a series of school headships until her retirement. Then, finding herself at a loose end … she gives us the sequel in this talk.

24 May

Robert Beagrie

Genetics of Human Disease.
Why is it that so many health problems seem to be passed from parents to children? What have we learned about how this all works from sequencing the human genome? Should I have my genome sequenced, and what could it tell me?
Our speaker on 24 May will be Robert Beagrie, Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow at the Laboratory of Gene Regulation in the MRC Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine at the JR who will introduce us to this fascinating area. He will also talk a little about the future of “genomic medicine”, the exciting new technologies that might change health care forever and whether they can really live up to their promise.

14 June

Jenny Mallin

My Ancestors and their Professions in the British Raj.
From research into the history of her family in India over more than 200 years, the writer Jenny  Mallin offers talks on various aspects of their lives under the British Raj. Her book “A Grandmother’s  Legacy” won the “Best in the World Cookbook” award from the Gourmand World Cookbook Society but in this Zoom talk Jenny concentrates mostly on the five generations of the men in the family and their work in the subcontinent.

28 June

Jeff Evans

Pop on the Box.
Freelance journalist, Jeff Evans tells the story of 60 years of music on TV beginning in the 1950s with shows such as Six-Five Special and Oh Boy! Then on to Ready, Steady Go!, Top of the Pops and The Old Grey Whistle Test, as well as a number of programmes you may have forgotten. Expect warm memories and tapping feet.

*Special teas, with home-made cakes, are arranged from time to time (see Newsletter for details).



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